Deciding on our name for the bakery was no easy task.  It took patience, inspiration, debate, several cups of fresh roasted coffee and some delicious sweet treats (I wonder where you could buy these?) to get through our brainstorming sessions. Bill and Andrea knew that the name of their bakery would have to be meaningful to them, but more importantly would be one to inspire the students, their families and the community. And so Sweet P Bakery was named!

But why Sweet P Bakery?

Reason #1: Andrea’s favorite flower is the sweet pea.  The sweet pea’s petals are said to resemble a butterfly and like a butterfly, the bakery represents endurance, change, hope and life.

Reason #2: Bill’s father was a sugar broker on the commodities exchange and his nickname was Sweet P. How’s that for a fun fact?

Wait, why just letter P and not Pea?

Well, we can’t tell you everything but let’s just say that it’s a part of our secret reciPe.  It’s what makes us feel so Passionate about our mission. It’s what sweetly mixes together the baking ingredients with the students and staff.  The letter P is suPPortive, comPassionate and Purposeful. Do you see how many times the letter P appears in these words?  Filled with hoPe, Potential and pure haPPiness, we soon realized that using the letter P (rather than Pea) would be the insPiration for the bakery. We really do have fun finding new words that we can add to our Positivity list!

Of course, lets not forget Sweet P Bakery is only #possible because of the kindness, compassion and generosity of Bill and Andrea Pecoriello (a very important P).

We are always on the lookout for new Positive P” words that help tell our story. Have one to share? Email us at and Pass it on!