Sweet P Bakery is dedicated to providing job training and employment for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Sweet P Bakery will provide opportunities for personal growth, a source of income, social interaction, life skills coaching and a sense of purpose.


It all started when the 3 children of Bill and Andrea Pecoriello of Westport, CT volunteered to be a part of one very special little boy’s life. Bill and Andrea saw the lack of options available when children with special needs would enter adulthood. They had a vision of someday opening a bakery that provided the opportunity to train and employ adults with special needs that aged out of other programs.

Meet Our Team


Bill and Andrea


Bill and Andrea, long time Westport, CT residents, along with their three children and rescue dog Otis, have always been involved within the community.   Andrea has been an active board member in the schools and several local non-profit organizations.  Bill and Andrea have instilled in their children the importance of giving back and living life with a purpose.  As a direct result, all three children have volunteered at organizations focused on improving the lives of children with developmental disabilities.

Through their various volunteering experiences and talking with the parents of special needs children, Bill and Andrea realized how support services stop when these children become young adults.   Andrea and Bill wanted to create a place where these adults could learn employable skills, have fun socializing with their peers, and feel the ultimate sense of purpose by having a meaningful job.  They envisioned a place that the entire community could embrace and support.  And so, they are excited to introduce Sweet P Bakery to their community.

Bill’s career has focused on the financial services industry having been a Partner at Sanford Bernstein and Managing Director at Morgan Stanley.  Bill is currently the CEO and Founder of Consumer Edge, a data analytics and insights company. Andrea is an accountant by training and is currently working alongside Bill at Consumer Edge.

Terri Cahn

Head Pastry Chef

Eat dessert first is Terri’s philosophy. With her love of food, cooking and a passion for baking, she brings all the ingredients for a recipe for success. Terri is a classically trained pastry chef, earning her degree at Florida Culinary Institute. Her love of baking led to the launches of two successful companies, Courageous Cookies and a dessert catering company, Terri’s Treats. Terri worked for the nationally syndicated Mr. Food television news segment, testing and developing recipes as well as worked for an upscale specialty bakeshop, Passion for Pastry. She is excited to share her knowledge and love of baking with everyone who comes into the kitchen!

Mary O’Brien

Pastry Chef

Mary has been in the restaurant/hospitality industry for 30+ years. A graduate of culinary school and bachelor’s from UNLV her career began with hotels and restaurants. Eventually her passion for baking landed her as a pastry chef. Most recently she was the baker and founder of Heavenly Bites.

Renee LaLanne

Pastry Chef

Renee earned her degree in Baking and Pastry at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, CA.  Her career path allowed her to gain the full culinary experience in both cooking and baking. She found her love of cooking while making pasta with her grandmother in Argentina and is excited to now be a part of our team where everyone who enjoys baking can be included.

Betsy Weissman

Marketing Director

Betsy believes in combining big picture thinking with a ‘roll up your sleeves’ attitude to drive results.  With a career chronicled in marketing, client service and event/project management, she focuses on strategic planning and tactical pursuits that will lead to successful new product introductions, recognizable branding and positioning.  Betsy’s passion is to take an idea, inject some of her own style, and work with her team to bring it to fruition.  This passion led to the successful launch of betsybaloo and the very first to market static cling glass wine glass marker.

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