For many of us, we are staying close to home looking for ways to keep everyone busy and finding moments of joy all while social distancing.  We took some time out during our day to take a peek at Facebook and Instagram to see what everyone is up to. So many of you were showcasing your baking skills, asking others for recipes, and snapping pics of your delicious homemade treats.

At Sweet P Bakery we know a few things about baking and wanted to share some useful tips!

We asked our Head Pastry Chef, Terri to give you her Top 5 Baking Tips. These tips are great reminders for seasoned bakers and will be good starting notes for those who are new to creating something sweet.

♥ TIP 1  –  Read you recipe first : This may sound simple but its important you know all of the steps before you start your work. You will know exactly what’s next and won’t hit any roadblocks.

♥ TIP 2 – Butter Consistency : All recipes call for a different butter consistency – room temperature vs frozen vs melted. Double check what the recipe requires.

♥ TIP 3 – Room Temperature : Your products should always be used at room temperature, especially eggs. Eggs used at room temperature will whip up really nice and give you a great end product.

♥ TIP 4 –  Prepare ahead : Always prepare your ingredients in advance. This way you wont miss anything needed. Thinking ahead is the key!

♥ TIP 5 –  Measure, measure, measure: Make sure you are properly measuring your ingredients. Use your dry measuring cups for items like sugar and flour. Use your liquid measuring cup for milk and other liquid ingredients.

Feeling inspired? Now that you have the basic steps to a great baking recipe, lets get baking. We would love to see your latest dessert, send us a picture!